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2019/2020 Rudy’s Pro Series Rules and Regulations

All rules stated below will remain in effect for the 2019/2020 Pro Redfish Series (the “SERIES”). All decisions made by the tournament director and/or tournament officials will be final in all matters. The tournament director and/or the tournament officials can make a change when the safety of a contestant is in question or by a unanimous decision by the tournament committee. Any changes to the rules will be posted on the website and communicated to the tournament members in the pre-tournament meeting before the tournaments. Warnings, penalties and disqualifications will be determined by the tournament officials. A signature on one set of rules and regulations is applicable for any and all SERIES events and may be used as an acknowledgment for such. Each participant (“contestant”) must read and acknowledge the following rules and indicate so by signing an entry form. A “team” shall consist of two contestants.

1) Applicable Laws: Federal, State and Local laws shall be obeyed by contestants at all times. Contestants choosing to fish outside of Texas waters shall adhere to the local and state laws of the venue in which the contestant is fishing, including purchasing and possessing a valid fishing license for that state effective for the dates of competition. Violation of any federal, state and/or local laws (including harboring fish in nets, crab traps, cages, boxes, or other holding device) shall result in the automatic disqualification of the individual and his team from the SERIES event, and may disqualify (at the discretion of the SERIES’ officials) the individual and his team from the entire series.

2) Tournament Eligibility: In order to participate in the SERIES, both team members must be members in good standing with the Rudy’s Redfish Series and/or it’s assigns. Contestants under 18 years old must fish with their legal guardian as their teammate, or another adult approved by the minor’s legal guardian. The SERIES reserves the right to refuse membership and participation in any event to any individual and/or team at the discretion of the tournament committee. Each team may designate an alternate participant for use in the event of a teammates absence, provided however, that the alternate is designated on or before the first Series event. Only one alternate may be used for the entire Series; however, the alternate may be used for more than one Series event.

3) Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs: Consumption of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during tournament hours is prohibited and shall result in disqualification. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs may not be in the possession of any team member or on board a participating boat during the hours of tournament competition.

4) Sportsmanship: SERIES participants are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and ethics. Unsportsmanlike and unethical conduct will result in disqualification (at the tournament committee’s discretion). Please refer to the Texas Boating Safety Rules. This includes, but is not limited to, cutting off or impeding other tournament boats, waking or traveling through an occupied area at excessive rates of speed, flats or other waters that are occupied by other tournament anglers, etc.

5) Permitted Tournament Fishing Waters: Contestants may fish in any inshore public water accessible by boat. “Inshore” for this series is defined as the navigable, tide consumable coastal waters, bays, rivers, and wetlands, extending to the inside of the passes to The Gulf of Mexico. This rule does not preclude anglers from traversing the Gulf to get to an inshore fishing location. Contestants may not fish in ANY private water not equally accessible to all other anglers, or in any body of water owned or controlled by a third party who will not permit every public angler, including non-tournament anglers, access to the area. A warning by the water area owner to exit the area is a violation of this rule whether the angler is cited/ticketed/arrested or not, and the Contestant is subject to automatic disqualification of the day’s weight and/or the tournament event in this instance.

  • No fishing is allowed within a 300 yard radius of tournament site.
  • No fishing is allowed within a 500 yard radius of any ferry landing.
  • Contestants shall not fish in any area which has been “closed” by a governmental agency or other third party owner/operator.
  • Participants are not allowed to fish within a 150 feet (50 yards) radius of another anchored boat unless they are invited in by the anchored boat. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by an anchor, a weight, push pole, PowerPole, Talon, Stake It Stick, or other “anchoring” mechanism with the trolling motor in the up position. If anchored boat invites another team into the inviting team’s 50 yard area, any tournament participant is also allowed within the waived area.
  • The boat anchored in an area first has the right to 150 feet radius of the area.
  • If the boat does not have a trolling motor the definition of anchored still applies.

6) Permitted Fishing Methods: All tournament fish shall be taken by rod, reel, and artificial tackle, only. Only one rod and reel may be used at any one time per angler. NO LIVE OR DEAD NATURAL CREATURE, OR ITS PARTS, SECRETIONS, BODILY FLUIDS OR DERIVATIVE IS ALLOWED TO BE USED AS BAIT. Prior to and during the tournament, contestants shall not “cork” or otherwise mark fish or schools of fish by artificial means for identification for the purposes of locating fish during tournament hours. Wade Fishing is NOT Allowed. Each day of the contest, Contestants must leave from and return to the official checkpoint, and fish the entire contest in the team’s boat. While fishing during tournament hours, participants may not leave the boat to net or “land” a fish. Contestants may exit their boats while refueling, and/or in the case of an emergency or other necessary non-fishing purpose. During pre fishing or tournament hours there will be no chumming or baiting or loading spots (anglers cannot go bait a pond hoping fish will stay around till tournament day).

7) Checkpoints and Inspection: Each tournament event will have designated checkpoints. Each boat must go through a checkpoint in the morning in a pre-selected order. The checkout point and times will be communicated to the teams at the pre-tournament (“captain’s”) meeting. All tournament boats must be inspected by a tournament official at the official tournament site before they are released to fish. Flight numbers will be drawn by each team at the mandatory registration the day before each tournament begins. Once a flight number is drawn, it may not be changed, traded or sold to another team. It is the contestant’s responsibility to know his flight number, official tournament time and check-in time. Failure to go through the checkpoint will result in disqualification. Every boat must go through the checkpoint at the conclusion of the day’s fishing regardless of if the team has fish to weigh in. Once a boat has checked in, that team will not be allowed to return to fish during the day’s competition and that team’s day of fishing shall cease. Check-in times will be between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Contestants who are not at the official checkpoint area at the appointed time will be penalized at the rate of one-half (1/2) pound, per minute, which will be deducted from the team’s total day’s weight. Any contestant more than fifteen (15) minutes late will be disqualified from that day’s weight entry. Teams who are not able to check in due to equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances are responsible for contacting the tournament director before the official check-in is over in order to determine an acceptable solution.

8) Polygraphs: By signature on the official tournament entry form, each contestant agrees to submit to a polygraph test and be bound by its interpreted results and conclusions. The first place team in each event, and any other team as chosen by the Series’ directors, shall be subject to a polygraph examination and will not receive any award until the test has been administered and determined to be non- deceptive. Polygraph tests may be issued at the discretion of the tournament director/committee for any reason, and each contestant hereby acknowledges and consents to the examination. The results and interpretations of the polygraph are final and each contestant hereby knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily waives any review of said test result, including any judicial process seeking to overturn, amend or otherwise negate the finding of the test administrator.

9) Insurance and Liability: Each boat entered into any SERIES event shall have a minimum of $100,000.00 liability insurance coverage to be maintained throughout the entirety of the series or for every event fished. It is the responsibility of the boat owner to carry liability insurance covering the vessel. The SERIES will not issue liability coverage for its events. A current copy of the team’s insurance policy and each member’s signed DECLARATION, WAIVER, RELEASE, AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT shall be given to SERIES administrator before a team may compete in any SERIES event. All tournament participants are required to sign a waiver absolving all tournament officials, officers, participants, sponsors and co-sponsors from any responsibility for damage or personal injury sustained as a result of the contestant’s participation in the tournament or its related activities; however, the language of the waiver is incorporated herein for all purposes, and the contestant’s signature on this form shall constitute an alternate release in the instance the member fails to sign the official DECLARATION, WAIVER, RELEASE, AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT.

10) Pre-Tournament “Captain’s” Meeting: Tournament Registration for the SERIES will be the Wednesday evening before the tournament date between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM. A pre- tournament meeting will be held following registration at 7:00 PM. At least one member of each team shall attend the Pre-Tournament meeting. Participants may be excused from the Thursday night meeting if arrangements are made with the SERIES office. Participants must have written documentation from the SERIES office and present it upon registration if the participant is excused from the Wednesday meeting. If a contestant fails to attend the registration and pre- tournament meeting without written permission from the SERIES office, a one (1) pound, per fish, per day penalty, will be assessed against the team’s fish at weigh-in, both days.

11) Communication: There shall be no information, whatsoever, whether obtained by paying a third party, or “volunteered”/free of charge, which is garnered from a non- tournament participant inside of 10-days prior to the Series event and through the event’s conclusion. This includes, but is not limited to, information obtained via social media, magazines, newspaper, blogs, text, phone, face-to- face, onboard or “guided” trips, websites, and/or other periodical sources. Participants may not use drones, helicopters or other aerial surveillance to locate and target fish; this rule does not prohibit the use of Google Earth or similar charting/mapping tools. During Tournament Hours: No communication regarding or pertaining to fishing between competing teams. No communication whatsoever regarding fishing will be allowed from outside and during tournament via face-to-face, hand signals, multi- media methods, social networking, cell phone, radio, pager, computer, e-tablet, or any other method or device intended to communicate a thought or idea, and/or in the event of an emergency, including equipment or mechanical failure. If a team has an emergency, a mechanical problem, or needs immediate assistance, teams may contact local authorities, emergency services, the Coast Guard or the tournament director. Teams must notify the tournament director immediately if these circumstances exist.

12) Entry Fees, Tournament Registration: All contestants shall be a member of the SERIES. The entry fee for each event is $3,000.00, per two-person team. Teams must have 100% of the ENTIRE TOUR entry and membership fees ($9300.00) paid, in-full, by the registration of the first Series event; deposits and payments having previously been collected. THERE WILL BE NO LATE SIGN-UPS. All entry fees and deposits are non-refundable, and are in consideration for insuring a team’s entry/participation in the Series, and for protecting calculation of projected winnings.

13) Boat, Motor and Horsepower Regulations: All boats shall be a minimum of 15 feet in length and be equipped with a minimum of 25 hp motor. Teams may only use one boat during each day of the event, unless otherwise approved by the Series directors. Teams may not have a second or more boat(s) “stashed” along the intended route of travel for the event fishing day. Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment. In addition, each boat must have a properly aerated live-well, which is one that is reasonably likely to sustain the life of two redfish under the circumstances. The Tournament Director shall have the sole responsibility for determining whether aeration and capacity is adequate. Live wells will be inspected upon checkout on the morning of the tournament. ALL BOATS MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH AN OPERABLE IGNITION KILL SWITCH. The kill switch device must be attached to the driver's body anytime the combustion engine is operating. Anytime the combustion engine is operating and in gear, there must be a driver in the driver's seat in full control of the boat. Any fuel tanks that are not installed by the boat manufacturer are prohibited (this includes Jerry Jugs, portable fuel canisters, etc.). Any additional fuel used during the tournament day must be purchased on that day at a fueling facility open to the public, and added directly to the boat from the fueling pump at the facility.

14) Safety: Safe boating will be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to properly wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved, fully functional personal floatation device anytime the combustion engine is engaged. Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to shorten or to cancel will be left totally to the discretion of the tournament director/committee. A 4-hour period shall constitute a day of fishing. It is the competitor’s responsibility to communicate with the Tournament Director if cancellation of the event is suspected. Cancellations will be communicated via VHF radios on a channel decided at the Pre- Tournament Meeting. If conditions are not safe on the tournament day, the SERIES reserves the right to reschedule the tournament or combine the event into one day on the following day (Saturday). If conditions are not favorable the following day (Saturday), an alternate date will be published on the SERIES website,

15) Fish: A team’s weight will consist of TWO (2) red drum (“redfish”), per day, measuring no less than 20 inches, and no more than 28 inches in length, each, in Texas Tournaments; no less than 16 inches, and no more than 27 inches in length, each, in Louisiana tournaments. A team must retain ONLY two (2) redfish in live wells at any given time. Live fish must be culled on the spot; teams must keep (retain) dead fish. Anglers may not resume fishing till fish have been culled. Contestants are responsible for keeping their redfish alive. Any dead fish tendered for weight will be assessed an 1/2 lb. penalty. No altered, mutilated or iced fish will be accepted. Redfish will be inspected for alterations in size, length and weight. Any altered fish shall result in the disqualification of the team weighing the altered fish, and may result in a perpetual ban from the SERIES (“death penalty” sanctions)

16) Scoring: Tournament standings, auxiliary awards and final winners shall be determined by the total weight of four (4) redfish over the two-day period, measured in pounds and 100th of a pound of each team’s catch during the tournament. Only Redfish/Red Drum between 20 inches and 28 inches (16-27 inches in Louisiana) may be weighed. Fish may not be brought to weigh-in on a stringer or in a basket. Redfish shall be weighed with the equipment provided by the SERIES.

17) Ties: If two or more teams have identical weight in the tournament, it will be considered a tie. In the event of a tie, the prize money from the consecutive places will be combined and split between the teams. For example, if two teams tie for fourth place, the amounts designated to fourth place AND fifth place will be combined, divided by two, then distributed to the teams, equally.

18) Points: All teams fishing the SERIES will receive points (with the exception of disqualified teams). The first place team will receive 100 points, per event; the second place team will receive 99 points, per event, etc. Teams weighing in no fish will receive 20 points less than the last team to weigh-in fish. Team points will remain with the team captain in the event of a team "break-up". The Team of the Year race is determined by total team points at the end of the season. Therefore, each team must designate a team captain at the beginning of the series.

19) Protest Procedure: All protests must be submitted, in writing, along with a $500 cash deposit. Protests must be submitted to the tournament director no later than 15 minutes following the weigh-in of the last fish. All decisions will be made by the tournament director and committee, and are final. If the protest is upheld, the cash deposit will be returned to the person submitting the protest. The protester agrees that by filing a protest, he may be subject to a polygraph test.

20) Permission to be filmed for Television or other media: All participants agree to be filmed, photographed, taped, interviewed, quoted or otherwise revealed, without compensation, by the SERIES or its assigns. This includes but is not limited to the official photographers, writers, hosts, or sponsors of this event under the conditions authorized by the SERIES organizers. Each contestant, by his signature affixed below, hereby gives the SERIES, and its assigns, the right to use (without compensation) the contestant’s name, picture, likeness, quotes, and biographical information, whether audio or visual, before, during and after the period of an individual or team participation in an event. Video and media excitations : all anglers must wear a fishing jersey for video and photo ops, filmed and photographed by our production crew, this includes on stage presence and all video on boat by production co. To be included all head shots and interviews must be wearing a jersey. You are Professional Anglers being filmed for TV. We expect to look the part. You can fish in whatever attire makes you comfortable when not in front of camera or film crew.

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